the last revolution of transportation was the modern automobile, an invention of the early twentieth century. 361º now looks at the next evolution of travel, a thought that has been around for years, the flying car. all-electric, vertical take off and landing aircraft are already under development and in the air and 361º now turns its eyes to infrastructure.

question: will e-vtol transportation be as accessible as the on-demand vehicle services people use today?

answer: with jetson, 361º imagines the trip-planning platform of the future, where cars work with aircraft to get one to their destination seven times as fast.

multi-step trips bring the availability of apps like uber and lyft to e-vtol transport by merging the two services together. when getting from point a to b involves points in between, how can a service unify them into a single line? for trips where landing pads aren't too close to a user's final destination, jetson communicates with ridehailing services to complete the final leg of the journey,

      take a look at jetson:

361º has worked with, but is not affiliated at the moment, with Lilium. The image used is courtesy of their website.