when thinking about the future, one's mind usually comes to self-driving cars. with the number of resources being put into the mass adoption of autonomous taxis, 361º thought it fitting to think about the experience of riding in one.

question: as most self-driving taxi companies plan to install screens on the back of seats to show riders what the car sees and is performing, will riders be able to interact with the taxi in other ways? 

the answer: the car's center console.

with this thought in mind, we went to work designing the future car operating system. with factors ranging from the capability of the passenger to the reachability of the screen, 361º developed an idea that could one day power the car you ride in every day. 

foor's vision of the center console is built around customizability. each rider is different; therefore, each rider's experience should be unique. tying into a user's rider profile, foor provides access to apps optimized for a ride setting. apps enabling watching, listening, and talking should be a focus, not a distraction.

check out foor below, a vision for the future of communication with your vehicle.

   a look into foor: