question: how can communities work together to power each other?

answer: unlike gas-powered cars, electric cars don't need to rely on gas stations to power them. everyone can gain access to chargers, instead of just a few companies delivering oil to a relatively small amount of stations.

as electric car ownership grows, so will the need for charging stations. charge is a prospective platform for electric car owners to rent out their own chargers and, in turn, rent others' to create an ecosystem of charging stations. looking at the model that airbnb uses for travelers to stay in rooms and home-owners to rent out their unused ones, charge takes a similar approach for electric car charging.


for car owners needing a charge, they can quickly and easily see the closest and cheapest chargers around them. with only a couple taps, a driver can search, reserve, and get directions to the charger of their choice. once at the charger, they just have to plug in and their card is charged.


for car owners who have an open charger for parts of the day, it's equally easy for them to add their charger to charge. once on the platform, it's even easier to start getting the profit from people stopping by to charge.


charge is about creating a community: one where powering cars is decentralized, where people help others, and where friends open their doors to others to create a sustainable future.

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