table is a new machine learning app 361º is excited to be working on. with table, people can discover restaurants they haven't been to and are bound to like. as the user reviews restaurants they've been to, table's algorithm first improves and then recommends restaurants that fit the user's taste more accurately. table is opening a new way to explore the food scene around you, matching your preferences and opening up new doors.

table is divided into two parts: eat and ate. with eat, a user can explore restaurants table suggests and search table by keyword, resulting in endless choices. interacting with a restaurant is easy; with just a click of a button, the user can make a reservation or get directions. ate is so the user can review restaurants they've already been to, adjusting the algorithm to suit the plates they like best. while table is still in development, one can see its design below. but, come back soon, and sit down at the table.